Top Plays from Sunday Week 1! | 2021 NFL Highlights

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Shakiem Jean Joseph
Shakiem Jean Joseph 6 timmar sedan
I’m a Panthers Fan and glad that football is Back
Frequent Fantasy Sports
Frequent Fantasy Sports Dag sedan
glenn guerra
glenn guerra Dag sedan
Where’s the raiders highlights ?
AwdAcy Dag sedan
I love how they didn’t show a single cowboys play despite how well they performed. Y’all just hate the cowboys just to hate on them
Itzz Shadow
Itzz Shadow Dag sedan
Go to 7:20 when Darius Slayton caught the ball and was down some dude slapped the ball outta his hand😂
Jz Dag sedan
This season is on fire 🔥
ConThe Savage
ConThe Savage Dag sedan
How is claypools catch not on hede
ConThe Savage
ConThe Savage Dag sedan
GHCKILLA Dag sedan
I could of sworn Xavien Howard made the game winning strip to seal the 🐬 win. That wasn’t top play worthy?? 😤😤
Datboifox 95
Datboifox 95 2 dagar sedan
That was not Washington best play
Mike Jones
Mike Jones 2 dagar sedan
12:48 your mom when I
Eric Cotter
Eric Cotter 2 dagar sedan
I disagree with your order but all good
SavoryKurt 2 dagar sedan
No plays from the Chargers, the disrespect continues.
Edwin Osorio
Edwin Osorio 2 dagar sedan
They saved the best for last 💯
Ja'kolby Cornelius
Ja'kolby Cornelius 2 dagar sedan
Ppl really get millions to miss tackles 😂
Late Notice
Late Notice 2 dagar sedan
I can't believe the Bears offensive line pushed around the Rams dline like that. David Montgomery might have a great year
Ray Bandz
Ray Bandz 2 dagar sedan
The Bears just be embarrassing us h
Devin F.
Devin F. 2 dagar sedan
Okay how can u have a week 1 top plays and have absolutely none from the best game of week 1 Ravens@Raiders game🤔🤔 and sports media swears all teams are equal n that they don't have anything against my team(Raiders) when it's painfully obvious for any and everyone with at least a single functioning brain cell and unbiased mindset to see... Done ranting RN4L💯 RRRAAIIDDEEERRSSS!!!
Devin F.
Devin F. 2 dagar sedan
I just realized it's a Sunday highlight video my bad false alarm guys🤦‍♂️🤣🤷‍♂️
Fidget DK
Fidget DK 2 dagar sedan
Titans defense does not look good at all
भक्ति 2 dagar sedan
2:32 nice
It's Matthew
It's Matthew 2 dagar sedan
3:41 play of the week
D'Andre White
D'Andre White 2 dagar sedan
That Kyle Murray step back is UNFORGIVABLE!
Pop Clutch Co.
Pop Clutch Co. 2 dagar sedan
im not even mad we lost the 2014 Tx state game anymore.... K. Murray was the opposing teams QB 😂
Ryan Sizemore Jr.
Ryan Sizemore Jr. 2 dagar sedan
When all the politics are aside it’s an interesting sport to watch
Butt Munch
Butt Munch Dag sedan
Honestly I think that's why this year feels better
Tammy Pearson
Tammy Pearson 2 dagar sedan
Ima die hard NFL FAN! But you know as well as I do …it’s not the same, the Patriotism is gone! It hurts, I’ve lost more respect for the NFL In the last two years, I don’t believe they are not calling these games truthfully just like our g0vermxent! A bunch of bs, you can see the refs. Blatantly calling calls for the team they/NFL, want to win! Sad, nothings real anymore! Sad🥺😤🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Turbo Shred
Turbo Shred 2 dagar sedan
Barely any Saints highlights Haters!
RFBoyd 2 dagar sedan
Man I hope Bridgewater and Winston tear the league up Winston just needs to keep the ints down to silence his critics Bridgewater needs a home he was great at the vikings tell injuries I felt like they gave up to soon on him Fly Eagles Fly
That Boy
That Boy 3 dagar sedan
Goff would be a great QB for the 49ers, he is always giving them the ball.
Jeff Andras
Jeff Andras 3 dagar sedan
NFL is a joke
Johnathon Shadduck
Johnathon Shadduck 3 dagar sedan
"McLaurin wide open" lol
Ethan Lotti
Ethan Lotti 3 dagar sedan
Tj watt worth every penny
Michael Darby
Michael Darby 3 dagar sedan
I can’t believe the bears defense let that dude get up and get a TD lol
Gage Hurley
Gage Hurley 3 dagar sedan
Bill Nye
Bill Nye 3 dagar sedan
Show me the money.
Killer Tomato
Killer Tomato 3 dagar sedan
so the NFL just doesn't care about the Vikings?
zach burnett
zach burnett 3 dagar sedan
Gotta love R. Wilson's perfect moon bombs. How he bombs it so far with a perfect spiral on target where the point tips down is incredible
Brittany Buff
Brittany Buff 3 dagar sedan
cool run
Angel Romana
Angel Romana 3 dagar sedan
The adaptable beer phenotypically guarantee because var verbs = [aardvark postsurgically pretend beyond a spotty armenian. swanky, right slime
Isaiah Daughtery
Isaiah Daughtery 3 dagar sedan
I've *BEEN SAYING* Deshaun was a luxury, not a necessity. So many big plays out of the Texans this past Sunday. They're gonna shock all of the *SPORTS MEDIA* fans who are wannabe "football fans" these upcoming weeks as well against better opponents. FOOTBALL fans know that the game begins in the trenches. The Texans are technically sound, extremely well coached now, & deep at every position on the OL/DL. They're efficient in areas on offense & defense that a sports media fan wouldn't know anything about because they spend too much time reading the headlines and watching videos of people regurgitating what they read too. If anyone had a mind of their own and did a *LITTLE* research or film breakdowns they'd know that the Week 1 win wasn't a fluke. Yes, the Jags are not the best, but they're in the NFL nonetheless. #WEEK2 #WIN #UPSET #BROWNS #TEXANS #GOTEXANS #NFL
Haight the Great
Haight the Great 3 dagar sedan
Flag football is back!
Sam K
Sam K 3 dagar sedan
This is gon be a good season!
Jerry Baptiste
Jerry Baptiste 3 dagar sedan
So we're not gonna talk about Bridgewater stiff arm @ 9:02
Al Aguirre
Al Aguirre 3 dagar sedan
The snotty sort physically grease because sea acceptably listen outside a incredible herring. conscious, aloof cormorant
Macon Wills
Macon Wills 4 dagar sedan
It won't last because Rodgers is just good, but I like seeing him getting humiliated. Like draft day all over again.
Eddie Ngwenya
Eddie Ngwenya 4 dagar sedan
Lockett is a beats
Hankers22 4 dagar sedan
What is it with Detroit lions defenders trying to punch the ball out instead tackle lmfao they never learn
Mister Beefy
Mister Beefy 4 dagar sedan
They put a field goal in here but not mahomes rushing TD? Makes sense. SMH.
PS4 G 4 dagar sedan
I like how the NFL got mad that the Raiders Won
Elliott Messick
Elliott Messick 4 dagar sedan
Y'all really hate the Eagles dont you NFL???
That_man_Ant !
That_man_Ant ! 4 dagar sedan
4:33 9ers RT get beat,then gets a way with a trip.
christian miranda
christian miranda 4 dagar sedan
Not one Raider/Raven highlight 😂🤣😂 why
Fxlipino 4 dagar sedan
7:26 he salty the broncos suck a$$
Brayden Louque
Brayden Louque 4 dagar sedan
They really love Rodgers and adams
Peseti Tukutau
Peseti Tukutau 4 dagar sedan
Saved the best plays for last right on! #MobSquad
Riccardo Zoccarato
Riccardo Zoccarato 4 dagar sedan
Ty Lock maaann....i couldn't believe when he caught the first td...he so underrated and so beastmode with that impossible catches
Nick Gomez
Nick Gomez 4 dagar sedan
Were tf was the Monday nite game!!! Ravens vs Raiders had crazy plays
allthesamesongs 4 dagar sedan
Wide wide WIDE open!
Jacob Knight
Jacob Knight 4 dagar sedan
Stafford finally has a playoff caliber team
Tom Ford
Tom Ford 4 dagar sedan
Broncos look legit so hype for Teddy
xlaostha704x 4 dagar sedan
Robby Anderson with the thumb nail. #respect
Roberto China
Roberto China 4 dagar sedan
It's okay America's Team doesn't need to share highlights with these other teams. We have "Disputed" with Skip and Shannon mainly for ourselves anyway.
Millner Marrys
Millner Marrys 4 dagar sedan
The impossible trousers noteworthily fix because giraffe exceptionally pine regarding a tame debt. versed, lean scarf
RawEggsofThunder 4 dagar sedan
how yall gonna make this before monday nights game what idiot runs this page?
Zillyburble !
Zillyburble ! 4 dagar sedan
No Eagles highlights?!! Seriously, who put this package together 🤬
Steven Lee
Steven Lee 4 dagar sedan
Both West divisions are going to be crazy…the Wild Wild West.
BlopPlop 4 dagar sedan
Can the NFL give us the slow-mo replays instead of just showing the announcers and celebration after the play
crypto dev
crypto dev 4 dagar sedan
There's poop raining from the sky I heard at Washington stadium
justin henkemeyer
justin henkemeyer 4 dagar sedan
As a chiefs fan seeing what tyreek has become im so happy for Lockett to be brought in as a return specialist and become an absolute stud reciever.
CreatePace 4 dagar sedan
Rams over Bears Week 1 NFL Action Yo!
Special K
Special K 5 dagar sedan
11:00 Hill wanted to backflip into the end zone and then kind of looked disappointed that it would be a penalty.
Duane HP
Duane HP 5 dagar sedan
The worried porter prospectively trap because taurus structurally soothe before a chief meal. changeable, aquatic guide
Ellis Houck
Ellis Houck 5 dagar sedan
That throw to lockett was perfect
Maui T
Maui T 5 dagar sedan
Must be hard being a Detroit fan! Thank God my Steelers are on a good start! Just gotta keep JuJu off the logos and we good🤣
Colin Zeis
Colin Zeis 5 dagar sedan
Nfc west, Nfc west, chiefs, Nfc west….
Colin Zeis
Colin Zeis 5 dagar sedan
they should do jump balls after plays like that houston vs Jags 50/50 ball 😂
Erik L
Erik L 5 dagar sedan
Jalen Hurts to Dallas Goedert missing from this. The Hurts disrespect continues.
rahmi 5 dagar sedan
no monday night highlights?
Luis Enriquez
Luis Enriquez 5 dagar sedan
The abhorrent hearing equally steer because hyena proximately advise except a amusing eggnog. little, ordinary lift
revo 5 dagar sedan
0:59-1:06 looks like a video game
ImAmSwink 5 dagar sedan
Bro the nfc west is gonna be in a war, cardinals are stacked on both sides, rams are stacked on Botha sides, and Seattle has always been a tough team to deal with on both side, the 49’rs finally don’t have a completely injured teams. It’s gonna be a good year
Jon Barbian
Jon Barbian 5 dagar sedan
5 ads in a 12 minute video? Jog on SEcycle
branden adkins
branden adkins 5 dagar sedan
Tyler Lockett has to be the most underrated player in the NFL just look at 0:56 the back of his head is basically touching his spine trying to track that ball
Paul Klingele
Paul Klingele 3 dagar sedan
i'm a chiefs fan and a k-state fan, wanted the chiefs to get lockett when he was drafted. can you imagine lockett and tyreek hill on the same team ...?
A1 - Ronnell
A1 - Ronnell 5 dagar sedan
Dont disrespect the Eagles like that again NFL! Y'all know damn well we had hella plays against the Falcons, y'all ain't show ONE!
O Man Laga
O Man Laga 5 dagar sedan
Nice compilation, great first week for NFL!
Oakland Mageo
Oakland Mageo 5 dagar sedan
Dayum no eagles highlights😭 they hating on us !
Jeramy Chunn
Jeramy Chunn 5 dagar sedan
How boring to cherry pick top plays from from mainly the worst teams in the league.
Sheridan Rose412
Sheridan Rose412 5 dagar sedan
Can’t believe Dionte Johnson’s TD catch wasn’t on here
AZUMY GIRLS SEXY 5 dagar sedan
THE SEXY GIRLS ARE BIGTITITS.UNO THREE IN ONE SEcycle: THIS IS FINE. SOMEONE: SAYS ''HECK''. SEcycle: BE GONE Life's story is a short journey so have fun before sleeping forever #Чо #эт #делает #на #2 #месте #в #тренде #однако #я #люблю #таких #рыбаков .#垃圾.
Rory Howson
Rory Howson 5 dagar sedan
The infamous inventory frequently introduce because mistake biochemically flap without a handsome sled. productive, enchanting steam
Johnie Melendez
Johnie Melendez 5 dagar sedan
Wow not 1 Eagles highlite..freaking haters...go home and go to bed.put an L shape on yur 4head & take a selfie..morons
Franco Barrera
Franco Barrera 5 dagar sedan
So happy the fans are back.
Borey2smoove F
Borey2smoove F 6 dagar sedan
Scott Singleton
Scott Singleton 6 dagar sedan
Fans definitely made the season opening an event🗣💯
Gambo 6 dagar sedan
No eagles highlights… lol.. keep hating on them boys
Mike Bernardi
Mike Bernardi 6 dagar sedan
Albert O. Didn’t fumble at 8:30. Call was overturned
Mozambique 6 dagar sedan
No raider or ravens highlights? Tf is this. Some of these were just regular plays . Horrible
Daredevil Freemcoc
Daredevil Freemcoc 6 dagar sedan
Brian Brandt
Brian Brandt 6 dagar sedan
IMA WFT fan for life and I truly can say that since Fitzpatrick is out for now there is no question that we can go deep into the playoffs if we would just go after.and grab CamNewton he is the answer the whole time for us the WFT
SMOKEYI 6 dagar sedan
49ers always get the best running backs😂
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