Ravens vs. Raiders INSANE Ending FULL Overtime: Peyton & Eli Manning, Russell Wilson React

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8 dagar sedan

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timesize 2 timmar sedan
Russel is a wak phony. I wonder who the hell he talks to that has him thinking he’s cool
Peaceful4You 6 timmar sedan
Im not a Ravens fan but I 100% in all honesty without a doubt personally think that the Ravens should have definitely won that game for sure no question. Especially when it was in the last minutes of regulation.
Kevin Foster
Kevin Foster 6 timmar sedan
Can we just let Peyton commentate every game
Richard 7 timmar sedan
Eli. Speak bro. Get in there. He just sits there.
El Qasim Talib
El Qasim Talib 8 timmar sedan
Totally brothers. 😂 10:46
TheFutureman 85
TheFutureman 85 10 timmar sedan
Peyton rooting hard for the end of the game and the end to his work evening. 😂
Kurt Rhim
Kurt Rhim 14 timmar sedan
Why is Eli even there
L4D2Arsenal 19 timmar sedan
Peyton just wanted any team to just win so he could go home. 😆 🤣 😂
Leonna Mayes
Leonna Mayes 22 timmar sedan
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Flying Wild AZ
Flying Wild AZ Dag sedan
Chuckle is on the sauce!
Hien Lan Duyen
Hien Lan Duyen Dag sedan
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Opal Ruins
Opal Ruins Dag sedan
Legend has it that Eli hasn't hit puberty yet
Joanne Beveridge
Joanne Beveridge Dag sedan
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Mr. B
Mr. B Dag sedan
Payton talks too much.
Vanquished Dag sedan
Peyton is good. Eli and Russell are not worth watching.
Copethe Kidd
Copethe Kidd Dag sedan
Is it just me or did Humphrey get pushed by his own teammate on the last play
Al Aguirre
Al Aguirre Dag sedan
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Penny Appellatia
Penny Appellatia Dag sedan
Just checking in to say don't trust the NFL channel and their use of the word insane. I just spent 26 minutes of my time watching 4 and 1/2 minutes of the cowboy Buccaneer ending that that was all of a field goal by the Cowboys and a Tom Brady minute-and-a-half Drive which ended with a field goal. Don't trust this channel.
thomas aquinas
thomas aquinas Dag sedan
The Raiders have been frustrating their fans for 20 years with strange draft picks, questionable personnel moves, questionable stadium moves, etc. Let's face it: 'those Raiders' of Al Davis are long gone. Biletnikoff, Blanda, Atkinson, Daniels, Wells, and company are long retired. That 'Raiders' just win baby feeling is still in the locker room, but stuck in SoCal in the Colosseum.
Derek Andrew
Derek Andrew Dag sedan
Call me crazy but gimme Crosby over Mack. Mack I feel takes a lot of plays off but Maxx's motor never stops. Dude comes at you all game 110%.
Danny C Hall
Danny C Hall Dag sedan
Travis J
Travis J Dag sedan
What is comedy of errors, you are professional players?..
Travis J
Travis J Dag sedan
A little more excitement would be nice guys haha
trm Dag sedan
What we've been waiting for. ⚓⛵. Fantastic.
AARICK Dag sedan
8:05 Peyton really wants his chicken parm💀
Eymi Eirene
Eymi Eirene Dag sedan
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L’enfant Dag sedan
Starting at 20:33 Payton’s confused face and speechlessness (other than “Never seen that…” ), says it *all* about this *entire* OT 😂
L’enfant Dag sedan
17:23 Patron: “ I think even if *OAKLAND* wins…” 😂🤣
Tom Brady Daily
Tom Brady Daily Dag sedan
can't wait to see peyton call brady's play
Delta Tango
Delta Tango Dag sedan
I would watch every game on TV if these guys were on the side commenting!!!!
AlmenaJamBand Dag sedan
I hope this remains a thing, this is good commentary.
Broadnerd Mike
Broadnerd Mike 2 dagar sedan
That’s about as low key as you can be as a fan of football watching an extremely wild OT game. I guess when you’be been around that long nothing surprises you.
jonnyq2323 2 dagar sedan
I can’t wait for Manning, Manning, Brady. That will be unreal.
just some minced garlic
just some minced garlic 2 dagar sedan
This is HIGH quality football broadcasting. The type we need. Everyone loves when Romo calls games because he knows what’s going on down on the field better than regular broadcasters. This is like that times a million. No one knows the game better than Peyton, and he also happens to be a really good personality. I hope this becomes a regular thing because i will tune into it no matter what game theyre talking about.
xlxcrossxlx 2 dagar sedan
Eli was feeling Russell when his older brother kept interrupting him lol
Dorion Carter
Dorion Carter 2 dagar sedan
That was scripted man
K M 2 dagar sedan
they didn't mention how they had to give away 20,000 tickets for free to get people to come, they also didn't mention that several people had to be taken away in ambulances after getting the covid shot they also didn't mention that that stadium wasn't even half full....lol
Devin Graves
Devin Graves 2 dagar sedan
8:37 you can almost see the pain behind Russ's eyes
esab sablick
esab sablick 2 dagar sedan
what am i missing? why don't the raiders kick a field goal?
grayson 311
grayson 311 2 dagar sedan
Never thought I’d see 25 ad breaks in a 20 minute video
Zevonfan524 2 dagar sedan
They need to fire Joe Buck & just have this as the standard crew.
AM 2 dagar sedan
Why TF is Eli there.. one chicken parm joke and that was it. Looks like he is in pain the whole time
Ryan D
Ryan D 2 dagar sedan
@ the 8 minute mark: Peyton: "Nice block by the back right up the middle on the blitz." (A poorly constructed sentence plus a stammer to start it but that's besides the point) Eli: "Not really." Hahahahaha for real like as a Pats fan this is likely the only time I'll ever say thank you to Eli Manning. Cuz what?! That was a terrible block 🤦🏻‍♂️😂😂😂 blitzer forced him out of the pocket into a rolling throw (that was luckily completed and almost the game winning score but not because of that block) so no, Peyton, it was not and thank you Eli for pointing that out. ✌🏼😆 P.s. also, f you Eli. Fluuuke(s)!!! 🤣🤣🥲😪🧂
C.J JOHNSON 2 dagar sedan
Derek carr just proved he’s a TOP 5 quarterback idgaf what Y’all say he put the team on his back and WON the game
Anthony Jenkins
Anthony Jenkins 2 dagar sedan
I mean I'm not exactly sure what's so entertaining about this. Everyone is like "it's such a good presentation blah blah blah" it's actually like really not. I think Tony Romo would be better
JollyBoyJoe 2 dagar sedan
We need more stuff like this
Ryan H
Ryan H 2 dagar sedan
The GOAT, and Payton and Russ. Great stuff! Fact, ELI is better than your QB... Eli don't miss.
Masatoshi K
Masatoshi K 2 dagar sedan
After that INT in OT, Gruden threw down his clipboard thinking “I should’ve gone with Spider 2 Y Banana…”
donnie brasco
donnie brasco 2 dagar sedan
that one yard line haunted peyton and the colts a few times
SPPSports 2 dagar sedan
I love watching football players watching football. The game really lends itself to this tactical discussion.
Shawn The Great
Shawn The Great 2 dagar sedan
If you are a young football player this is gold information I would be glued to this show every week. Where was this when I was a young kid playing 😳
michaeloptv 2 dagar sedan
Peyton Manning is a BETTER commentator than Tony Romo, and that’s saying something!! Think RW can also get a booth in the future. Eli is the annoying cousin who just Sticks around (See Dan Fouts, Dennis Miller)
Parsnip Productions
Parsnip Productions 2 dagar sedan
No way Peyton doesn’t have money on the raiders
Goku Black Menacingly Laughing
Goku Black Menacingly Laughing 2 dagar sedan
This feels like watching a game with your favorite friends just chilling and I love it
Goku Black Menacingly Laughing
Goku Black Menacingly Laughing 2 dagar sedan
This feels like watching a game with your favorite friends just chilling and I love it
Corey J
Corey J 2 dagar sedan
Eli was practically a piece of furniture the whole game
Daniel Wurz
Daniel Wurz 2 dagar sedan
Dayumm I love Eli he always makes me laugh 🤣🤣
BhxBeast 2 dagar sedan
I like this
Jay Green
Jay Green 2 dagar sedan
Eli: “yea nothing really settles the stomach like an 11:30 chicken parm” 😭😂
Kudzu ASD
Kudzu ASD 2 dagar sedan
Great format!!
Shawn Orr
Shawn Orr 2 dagar sedan
Ball 🏈 never 👎 lies 🤥
Bobby Digital
Bobby Digital 2 dagar sedan
I would love to see these three review the NY Giants / Washington football team TNF game!!! That would be fun to watch!!!
Bob Newfart
Bob Newfart 2 dagar sedan
So good seeing the Raiders not playing in the crap hell hole Cali anymore hahahahahahaha Get em chucky
Royce Charlton
Royce Charlton 2 dagar sedan
That was the most mind numbing boring commentating ever.
Arizona Native
Arizona Native 2 dagar sedan
Raiders got lucky
TheDistrict644 2 dagar sedan
Al Aguirre
Al Aguirre 2 dagar sedan
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Jim Graham
Jim Graham 2 dagar sedan
Peyton manning very clearly does not like bad football lol.
Fidget DK
Fidget DK 2 dagar sedan
The ending was incredible and made up for the 1st half for not being a fan of either team incredible game good w raiders
Ian Doll
Ian Doll 2 dagar sedan
I spit my toothpaste all over the mirror when Payton referenced his long neck and how he should have been good at QB sneaks. 🤣
Joshua Verkerk
Joshua Verkerk 2 dagar sedan
It’s hilarious how tense Peyton gets when the teams are making poor decisions or being sloppy. 😂
Violent Ed
Violent Ed 2 dagar sedan
8:37 Russel glossed over that quick
Josh Davidian
Josh Davidian 2 dagar sedan
"What coverage you think they are running?".... "Probably cover zero"... (TD thrown to wide open receiver)... "Wow, that was strange."
Mark Froman
Mark Froman 2 dagar sedan
Peyton Manning SCREAMS small town bank president.
Buster 928
Buster 928 2 dagar sedan
Kurt 2 dagar sedan
This is the dumbest gimmick I have ever seen in an NFL broadcast.
Sean Im
Sean Im 2 dagar sedan
Football knowledge overwhelming. I am going to watch this show every Monday.
Cherrie Jordan
Cherrie Jordan 2 dagar sedan
❤ u guys!!!
Sean Im
Sean Im 2 dagar sedan
Eli calling that hard cadence thing. I was as surprised as his natural expression. The disrespect I had for this 2 time Super Bowl, Eli the Manning aka King Slayer.
Doug Davis
Doug Davis 2 dagar sedan
By the way, grammar is important..🧐
Alan Aure
Alan Aure 2 dagar sedan
this is amazing. manning bros and russ?!
Doug Davis
Doug Davis 2 dagar sedan
Lino Rosales
Lino Rosales 2 dagar sedan
Phillip Rivers next
Dianne Wallace
Dianne Wallace 2 dagar sedan
If I was a Raven fan I'd give up on the season right now..Why put yourself thru a season with that QB?
Itz Ninja
Itz Ninja 2 dagar sedan
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mecyukon 2 dagar sedan
The Manning Brothers are the best!
James Jazz
James Jazz 2 dagar sedan
As a Seahawks fan 8:34 kinda is deep.
Jake Civis
Jake Civis 2 dagar sedan
This needs to replace all the other crap. Straight football talk no other B's. Manning's for the only people allowed to announce football games.
James Dean
James Dean 2 dagar sedan
First of all, I like and respect Russell for the player he is and the man he is. But, his interviews have realistically been pretty lame over the years. Why when he just gave a brief and quiet rag on the hits he has taken, it was considered monumental and earth-shaking. Damn!!! But, on The Peyton's Monday night broadcast with Russell during the fourth quarter and overtime, Russell said more truly interesting things than in all of his previous interviews combined. And the synergy between him and the Peytons was magical. It seemed that even they were amazed at it. I would advise them to get Russ on with them in the last of the games, whenever it can be arranged from now on. The Peytons were very good, but it became monumental with Russ added to them.
Mr. Or Mrs. Greene
Mr. Or Mrs. Greene 2 dagar sedan
Peyton and Russell are the only ones talking, Eli ought to go home. This format sucks, give me Al Micheals and whomever, not this garbage.
Michael D'Alessandro
Michael D'Alessandro 2 dagar sedan
those 3 were great to listen to for this, absolutely amazing insight. It was like sitting with the boys on game day
Matthew Davidson
Matthew Davidson 2 dagar sedan
I imagine a Hall of Fame quarterback watching a game on TV is like how Neo sees the Matrix all in code. They know what everyone’s doing.
SolaceAndBane 2 dagar sedan
It’s hilarious watching the 3 of them marvel at the confusion of the Raiders towards the end lolll
Kill Roy
Kill Roy 2 dagar sedan
LoL " 2nd & 8 will always lead to 3rd & 7" Payton is the man 😂
Mark Dowse
Mark Dowse 3 dagar sedan
@ 0:02 "... I'd rather lose than tie... " THAT IS WEIRD. 🥴 OK, you don't get 2 points for a win, but the point for any tie MAY be the difference between making the playoffs and not. I HOPE that Peyton was joking... 😉 But it is definitely fantastic to have all the knowledge and experience of three amazing QBs talk through this overtime. Brilliant ! ✨👍 M 🦘🏏😎
Jasmine Raine
Jasmine Raine 3 dagar sedan
great game but man what a nail biter but RAIDERS WIN YASSSS congrats to Raiders awesome win
Howard 3 dagar sedan
Russell and Eli obviously love the game. But you can tell Peyton really really loves it. You can tell he's living and dying a little on every play.
Nicholas Jackson
Nicholas Jackson 3 dagar sedan
Omg I love when pros talk football it helps my Madden game tremendously 🤷‍♂️
Bakejuntz Bakejuntz
Bakejuntz Bakejuntz 3 dagar sedan
Make the Raiders great again
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