NFL Power Rankings Week 2

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0:00 Intro
0:50 1-10
1:09 Rams
3:57 Bills
6:07 Steelers
7:30 11-20
8:13 Packers
10:09 Eagles
12:08 Washington
17:21 21-30
18:00 Titans
19:52 Broncos
21:36 Fantasy Advice
27:09 MNF
31:32 Teams That Are Who We Thought They Were
38:09 NFC West Power Ranking
45:26 @DanHanzus Tweets
51:55 Jets
53:19 Falcons

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Wrong Frequency
Wrong Frequency Dag sedan
Lasay Williams
Lasay Williams Dag sedan
💀💀😂😂Eagles sucks
Breezy 2 dagar sedan
how are the bills higher then the steelers after they lost especially ranked 4 idec if the steelers ranked 5 but the bills should be lower wtf
B T 2 dagar sedan
There are not 10 teams better than the Chargers…
deadendkid1968 2 dagar sedan
How do we have the Bucks barely survive the cowboys higher than the Chiefs beating a good team?
Miguel Ramirez
Miguel Ramirez 3 dagar sedan
Christopher Munoz
Christopher Munoz 3 dagar sedan
So Philadelphia is goes up 8 because they beat the falcons but the raiders go up only 5 after beating the ravens Edit: also if the ravens aren’t gonna be as good then why only 2 spots down? Either push the raiders higher or push the ravens further down
Almighty Saber
Almighty Saber 3 dagar sedan
These idiots make a list that’s no sense. They have the Steelers in front of the browns when I think most ppl would agree that the browns are a MUCH BETTER team then the Steelers. But if they wanna use that argument about who won and lost then fine but then how do you justify the ravens being ahead of the raiders lmao. NFL network must have taken massive paycuts or something
ZZestial 3 dagar sedan
0-1 teams in the top 10 shouldn't be in the top 10 even if its week one.
Caleb Mellinger
Caleb Mellinger 3 dagar sedan
Why do we need a whole podcast about this. I miss the small highlight videos
DarkFireMCBE 3 dagar sedan
This power ranking is bull! Yall telling me some losing teams rank better than winning team's?
Ernest Cameron
Ernest Cameron 4 dagar sedan
Miami dolphins #1
mike tike plays
mike tike plays 4 dagar sedan
I think they are overreacting to week one, there’s no way the Titans are lower than the eagles, and I’m an eagles fan
Small Ben7
Small Ben7 4 dagar sedan
Baltimore should be way outside the top 10
ddawgg23 4 dagar sedan
2021 Week 2 Picks Last Week: 7-9 Giants 17, Washington 16 (Upset of the week) Steelers 23, Raiders 20 Browns 41, Texans 16 Broncos 22, Jaguars 20 Saints 29, Panthers 24 Bills 21, Dolphins 19 49ers 31, Eagles 23 Bears 32, Bengals 28 Rams 33, Colts 31 Patriots 23, Jets 10 Buccaneers 48, Falcons 23 (Lock of the week) Cardinals 33, Vikings 24 Seahawks 37, Titans 31 (OT) Chargers 41, Cowboys 34 Chiefs 27, Ravens 20 Packers 31, Lions 27
ThatGuyAron 4 dagar sedan
Denvers about to take over
GoobMaster Cheeto
GoobMaster Cheeto 4 dagar sedan
Bring back the old power rankings
Jake Waldman
Jake Waldman 4 dagar sedan
That franchise guy gives much better power rankings
Nfl Fan
Nfl Fan 4 dagar sedan
Pittsburgh is top 5,bro what 😂
Abraham R
Abraham R 4 dagar sedan
We all enjoy the podcast Personality, Dan. But, on this platform, some of the stuff you do about the scientists and fangio etc makes it seem like you’re just nuts.
ninjaBeEpic 4 dagar sedan
Raiders are behind the freaking Eagles 🤦🏾‍♂️
Cole mills
Cole mills 5 dagar sedan
I love the seahawks but 4 is quite high. I suppose it makes sense though because last week was a weird week of football. The #3, #4 and #5 teams in rankings last week lost.
Lets Play
Lets Play 5 dagar sedan
Can we get the non hour long version?
A Guy
A Guy 5 dagar sedan
Raiders beat a top 10 team in the power rankings and are 18 the Broncos are ranked 16 and beat the Giants who are awful I like teddy 2 gloves and the Broncos D but that's just strange to me.
Luke Ferraro
Luke Ferraro 5 dagar sedan
Ravens and Raiders should both go down 😂 Steelers are NOT a top 5 team lmaoooo
Obvious Troll That Baited You
Obvious Troll That Baited You 5 dagar sedan
Love or hate David Montgomery but you have to admit it was pretty impressive how he ran for 108 yards against the rams D
Griff __14988941
Griff __14988941 5 dagar sedan
Normally I'd complain about my Niners not moving up a spot after a win (on the road) but it was against the Lions. And after being up 4 TDs we nearly let them send the game into OT! You know what? Drop them a spot to teach them a lesson...🤣🤣🤣🤣
Plux AuAg
Plux AuAg 5 dagar sedan
The Power Rankings don't work as teams that lost are above the teams that beat them. This isn't a power ranking but a season through season Ongoing Rankings list which applies last year to this year. That doesn't work and is a bit of a mess if you ask me. Reset the year and start from Week 1 performances. 1-0 teams are in the top 16 and 0-1 teams are the bottom half. You can't show power rank as a loser above a winner in a week 1 game. It's a mess and these rankings have no merit. After game 17 it will once again show that. You absolutely cannot have Buffalo above Pittsburgh after Pittsburgh beat Buffalo in week 1, unless you regard 2020 Week 17 as the actual week 2 ranking which is absurd. Do the Raiders have to beat Kansas 5 times to jump above them, by definition, that is how your system works.
Tristin Tidwell
Tristin Tidwell 5 dagar sedan
Didn’t even talk about the bengals offense and run defense
Alexander Arnaut
Alexander Arnaut 5 dagar sedan
Keep sleeping on Saints ⚜️
gmcPYPartu 5 dagar sedan
Delusion CARDS ARE TOP 10 healthy
Zombieland aka USA
Zombieland aka USA 5 dagar sedan
49ers #9? lol. 3 winless teams ahead of the 49ers? save all the programmed retorts, it is what it is, because the 9ers ranked #9 now, what if they lost? Steelers #5? sad
Lifeislikeaboxofchocolates 5 dagar sedan
I like how we’re only ranked 2 ahead of the packers after beating them by 35 points 😀 the cardinals should also be ahead of the dolphins tf
67Plush 5 dagar sedan
The bengals rise 7 and the Vikings drop 7….after the two played in overtime lmao. What are these rankings?
Jay 5 dagar sedan
These rankings are so bad. I dare you to post this on Twitter so you can get clowned.
Kevin Lopez
Kevin Lopez 5 dagar sedan
Ravens out of top 10 lost to Vegas Steelers underrated
76ers Champs
76ers Champs 5 dagar sedan
Wentz continues to hold on to the ball too long!!!
76ers Champs
76ers Champs 5 dagar sedan
Eagles should be 1!!!!
Gary Simmons
Gary Simmons 5 dagar sedan
Jose Mendoza
Jose Mendoza 5 dagar sedan
AFC South's tweaking
Pat Morrow
Pat Morrow 5 dagar sedan
What don’t people like about the broncos? I’m confused. I’m not saying they will win the division but someone explain to me how they are too high?
Matt 5 dagar sedan
I feel so embarrassed for grown men who talk sports on camera.
George Kitchen
George Kitchen 5 dagar sedan
@Matt But, if they enjoy sports and like talking about it, let them eat cake. It has no direct impact on you. Why make such a cynical statement? We have enough bad things going on in the world.
Matt 5 dagar sedan
@George Kitchen I'm not doing that at all. Just posting an observation.
George Kitchen
George Kitchen 5 dagar sedan
Project your insecurities some more.
tmctechnology 5 dagar sedan
How can your put Green Bay and the miners ahead of Arizona🤯
Brad Lamb
Brad Lamb 5 dagar sedan
Steelers overrated. That offense is awful
Sacramento - Topic
Sacramento - Topic 5 dagar sedan
Raiders had the game of the week maybe even the year. Derek carr had the best game of any qb in week 1 maybe even his career and they dont even have them in the top 16? They clearly dont like the RAIDERS. Hoes dont even talk about them either 😂
What Bot
What Bot 5 dagar sedan
The repulsive bat intrinsically slap because summer philly obtain since a quizzical norwegian. angry, spiritual galley
Marvin Norman
Marvin Norman 5 dagar sedan
What a bunch of buffoons! Saints at #10 after that beat down to the Packers
Q 5 dagar sedan
This is a rival team I wish them no success, but the Cardinals should be on this list objectively. Get some of these losers out of here till they're winners. And Rams may be a lil high up there.
William Ramirez
William Ramirez 5 dagar sedan
Broncos baby!!
Tam Almeda
Tam Almeda 5 dagar sedan
Miami and New England ahead of Denver?! C'mon.... EDIT: Saints should be at least top 7. That potent offense & stingy defense is bad for opponents!
Aidan Teall
Aidan Teall 6 dagar sedan
Seahawks fan here, there is no way the Cardinals are as low as #14
DeathxBird 6 dagar sedan
alright so here's the thing, the NFL likes the rams a little TOO much, and my prediction is that they will fail in the end (my opinion), and have a 9-8 record maybe 10-7, but yea they're overrated all the time, here's my list for the NFC west division who win the NFC anyway and their record THIS YEAR... #1 Seahawks 13-4 #2 Cardinals 11-6 #3 Rams 9-8 #4 49ers 9-8 Thats my prediction, however I do respect other commentators, I just think the rams are overrated a little (and yes I don't like the rams, but this is my honest opinion) go CARDINALS!!!
Luke Laite
Luke Laite 6 dagar sedan
I just dont understand how Cleveland can go out against the chiefs, on the road, lose by 4 points partially due to a chubb fumble and a botched punt, and be behind the ravens who lost to the raiders,
Wiseblud07 5 timmar sedan
Yeah the raiders look good
Calvin Lippert
Calvin Lippert 23 timmar sedan
This reply did not age well....
Jake Poundtown
Jake Poundtown 2 dagar sedan
@deadendkid1968 and? So that means they’re not good?
deadendkid1968 2 dagar sedan
@Jake Poundtown they did play a superbowl team...and lost...
John Doe
John Doe 2 dagar sedan
Ima Steelers fan and I agree with u the browns are gonna be nice this year
Kevin Cooney
Kevin Cooney 6 dagar sedan
Well, if the Saints put the Beatdown again and they dont move up, I'm calling it out again Zus...
John Brown
John Brown 6 dagar sedan
To anyone else who hasn't watched a power rankings vid since Elliot Harrison quit doing them, he's back! He's on a podcast now check his twitter for the link
Ghost Adventure
Ghost Adventure 6 dagar sedan
Bc 9ers and their fans are soft tissue so media always give them love even the 1-7 went to playoffs in last 8 seasons 😆
Arman Joshan
Arman Joshan 6 dagar sedan
Wait wait u have the Broncos patriots chragers above the raiders dude did u watched Monday night
Kexin 6 dagar sedan
Are you freaking serious? Two choke masters Ravens and Browns on this list?
Logan Northern
Logan Northern 6 dagar sedan
Cowboys at 19 is the dumbest thing I’ve seen all of 2021... how does that even make sense.??
MaaheemIsBack MooMooTeam
MaaheemIsBack MooMooTeam 4 dagar sedan
Don’t Worry they were like 25 pre season
Semion Johnson
Semion Johnson 5 dagar sedan
I mean they lost their right where they should be in my opinion
Hansm Ransm
Hansm Ransm 6 dagar sedan
Don't think this is the best of the Broncos now. This will probably be more of a worse win for them. Their only going to get better and better. I got them going 12-5
Bill Cobb
Bill Cobb 6 dagar sedan
Chiefs fan here. The Browns should be several spots higher.
Isaack Valdez
Isaack Valdez 6 dagar sedan
NeverSober 5 dagar sedan
They were in the super bowl the last time their actual starters got to play
Father 6 dagar sedan
1. Buccaneers 2. Chiefs 3. Rams 4. Seahawks 5. Steelers 6. Cardinals 7. Bills 8. 49ers 9. Saints 10. Raiders
OG Mr.Kraze
OG Mr.Kraze 6 dagar sedan
Don’t no what the Raiders have to do to move up Hatter will be hatter BS standing no love here I see 👎🏽👎🏽
Bob Jonsun
Bob Jonsun 6 dagar sedan
How did the Cowboys not move up or down?! #19 I'm 😲 shocked! Like now I'm thinking this show is biass
cat Chaser
cat Chaser 5 dagar sedan
Dak is going to have to prove he can be consistent and go the distance.
Bob Jonsun
Bob Jonsun 6 dagar sedan
Why the Cowboys not in the top 10?! I'm laughing right now
Brad Lamb
Brad Lamb 5 dagar sedan
Why would they be?
Bob Jonsun
Bob Jonsun 6 dagar sedan
Lets go! DC4L
Kane Estevex
Kane Estevex 6 dagar sedan
Bruh us Texans fans are just happy we aren't last
Rabbit Clos
Rabbit Clos 6 dagar sedan
All the winning teams should be at the top teams
Kevin Cooney
Kevin Cooney 6 dagar sedan
Except for the bad teams we know are bad teams.
AJ Burthe
AJ Burthe 6 dagar sedan
Yeah Texans are much better than the Bills lol
Divine Comedy
Divine Comedy 6 dagar sedan
I like how the power rankings have them talk about the exact teams they havent stopped talking about all offseason, someone write these guys a new script pls
solitary one
solitary one Dag sedan
They had always been the same old losers.
TheBarbahaba 6 dagar sedan
not seeing the cardinals in the top 10 ....?? are you serious ? steelers top 5 ? something is wrong with your logic ...
AMC_Gaming 6 dagar sedan
The Seahawks Defense actually got pressure against a very good colts offensive line unlike last year when they gave QBs enough time to take a nap. Cant wait to see how they do against Julio and the Titans next week!
AMC_Gaming 16 timmar sedan
@Jo NoSaY ?
Jo NoSaY
Jo NoSaY Dag sedan
@AMC_Gaming oops
Jo NoSaY
Jo NoSaY Dag sedan
@Aneesh Anand oops
AMC_Gaming 5 dagar sedan
@Aneesh Anand same
Aneesh Anand
Aneesh Anand 5 dagar sedan
@AMC_Gaming yeah
innotech 6 dagar sedan
Saints too low
Kevin Cooney
Kevin Cooney 6 dagar sedan
I agree... ill call him out again next week if its the same case.
Hunter Lehman
Hunter Lehman 6 dagar sedan
What's the point of talking about top fantasy matchups if you're gonna pick 100% starters? Like oh thanks guys I was really debating leaving Nick Chubb on my bench but now you've convinced me
Kellen Jones
Kellen Jones 6 dagar sedan
As a Rams fan, are we really number 3?
Kellen Jones
Kellen Jones 5 dagar sedan
@George Kitchen yeah, I think it all comes down to week three to show their worth, even if they lose. If its a close game I think they’ll up their with the top teams
George Kitchen
George Kitchen 5 dagar sedan
No. I want to believe, but this is too big of a jump after playing a bad Bears team. Other top teams had harder matchups last week.
PhoenixGaming 6 dagar sedan
Cardinals are too low
zeick9 6 dagar sedan
There is absolutely no way that the raiders are last in their division. Look at google and base your rankings there.
Andrew Clydesdale
Andrew Clydesdale 6 dagar sedan
If power rankings were realistic, the bottom 16 would be made up of all the teams that lost. This data should be real time.
coltrueg 5 dagar sedan
@Andrew Clydesdale yeah but one game is also one dot on a graph so there isn’t enough real time data to use anything but last years graph for comparison. At the end of the day it’s all pointless speculation anyway the teams are gonna play how they play regardless of assigned rank.
Andrew Clydesdale
Andrew Clydesdale 5 dagar sedan
Its a weekly list. I'm sure over time Jags ended up lower than the colts (they did I was watching). I get what you mean, the opinions ruin these, like clearly the Texans aren't as good as the browns, but keeping certain teams high because they played well last year doesn't represent real time data.
coltrueg 5 dagar sedan
@Andrew Clydesdale Yeah but that’s not how football works. Jags beat the Colts week one last year. Colts ended up in the playoffs. Jags ended up with the #1 overall pick.
Andrew Clydesdale
Andrew Clydesdale 5 dagar sedan
@coltrueg mathematically their current win total puts them in a stronger position than the browns.
coltrueg 5 dagar sedan
No? The Texans beat the Jags that doesn’t magically make them better than the Packers or Browns.
KD's Trilogy
KD's Trilogy 6 dagar sedan
Broncos Not Top 15 After The Dominant Victory Last Week!??....THESE DUDES SUCK!!!
Em Sauce
Em Sauce 6 dagar sedan
Wow! Matt Money Smith was found by Jimmy Kimmel on KROQ back in the late '90s and early 2000s. Good to see the dude is still going and growing.
Tazz EightSixFour
Tazz EightSixFour 5 dagar sedan
He'd be a nobody if it wasn't for Dave Dameshek....
Jacob Ervasti
Jacob Ervasti 6 dagar sedan
Why are the Raiders ranked lower than the packers? Y’all stupid. Packers gonna suck this year.
irohied 1
irohied 1 6 dagar sedan
I understand we still lost but COME ON WE TOOK THE SB CHAMPS YO THE FINAL SECONDS!!!!
cat Chaser
cat Chaser 5 dagar sedan
I didnt think the old Packers head coach could do this good, lets give it a few more weeks. Yes we are talking about the Dallas Cowboys.
Super Shaw
Super Shaw 6 dagar sedan
Raiders need to be in the top 12 at least, I would place them at like #11. But hey I appreciate the advantage. Let's get to number 12 next week if we win.
Super Shaw
Super Shaw 5 dagar sedan
@Brad Lamb True.
Brad Lamb
Brad Lamb 5 dagar sedan
Too many injuries
Super Shaw
Super Shaw 6 dagar sedan
@DurpyNoob18 Yeah we were really weird last year, we got blown out by bad teams, but kicked better teams, our defense just needs to maintain, oline needs to get better, and Carr needs to find the right men always and we'll maintain overall hopefully.
DurpyNoob18 6 dagar sedan
@Super Shaw I mean raiders are a good team, they just can't stay consistent. I mean last year they beat the chiefs, then almost lost to the Jets due to a blown coverage. I hope my team sees the vs jets raiders week 4. If we see the vs chiefs lol, close game ngl
Super Shaw
Super Shaw 6 dagar sedan
@DurpyNoob18 We just need to maintain or else we won't see the playoffs, I still see us going 11-6 this year and making it, we can NOT fall apart, 6-2 to 8-9 is no excuse.
Priz Ent.
Priz Ent. 6 dagar sedan
Cards should atleast be too 10
Priz Ent.
Priz Ent. 6 dagar sedan
Icaiah DB
Icaiah DB 6 dagar sedan
go hawks
Dutch Schaefer
Dutch Schaefer 6 dagar sedan
And just like that 1 week in and these jagaloons act like they weren’t shitting on the Steelers all off-season
Bantz Valenzuela
Bantz Valenzuela 6 dagar sedan
Seahawks beat nobodies at home, 49ers beat nobodies but almost losing to a comeback, and the Rams beat the bears who are a confused team....But the Cardinals who beat the hell out of a talked about Super Bowl Contender with amazing performance both sides of the ball to not be in top 10? & behind the Packers? This is a joke. Also all those losing teams in top 10 shows how much of a joke this segment is.
Lord_Beethoven 6 dagar sedan
Alright who was calling the Steelers being washed? Where ya at?
BGBronco 6 dagar sedan
Travel with Tony
Travel with Tony 6 dagar sedan
Dallas loses to TB, Saints demolish GB. How does D get ranked ahead of the Saints? Is the question everyone should be asking.
Jay 5 dagar sedan
Are you blind ? Saints are ranked at 10. You must didn't watch the video. Cowboy haters delusional.
Travel with Tony
Travel with Tony 6 dagar sedan
@Steve Garvin Dallas played well but they still lost…and that should be weighted at 50% before anything else is taken into consideration. These fools tho.
Steve Garvin
Steve Garvin 6 dagar sedan
Media darlings. That's how.
Vanessa Russell
Vanessa Russell 6 dagar sedan
Kyler Murray and the offense had five touchdowns. Chandler Jones led a fantastic defense with five out of the six sacks. We beat a team that’s championship caliber and we’re only at 14. What a joke this ranking is. Meanwhile the Saints who also had five touchdowns and played a championship caliber team, had a terrible defense. How are they 10 and we are 14?
tmctechnology 5 dagar sedan
He meant they both be higher
Jonathon Caston
Jonathon Caston 6 dagar sedan
It sounds like you said the Saints had a bad defense. That doesn't make any sense.
Cameron Sims
Cameron Sims 6 dagar sedan
hello vanessa did you mean the saints had a terrible defense or the packers? We both know the packers are a better team than the titans. I do agree the cardinals are disrespected but the Saints are deserving of the ranking.
Duane Anderson
Duane Anderson 6 dagar sedan
Tampa Bay number one. Kansas City number two. The rest is irrelivant. Tampa is first until someone else is handed the Lombardi Trophy. Enough Said !!!!
Sergio Muñiz
Sergio Muñiz 6 dagar sedan
Justing Herbert a pocket savage. Love it. Go boltz ⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡
Russell Hayden
Russell Hayden 6 dagar sedan
"We aren't taking away anything from the Cardinals" *puts them at 14*
Tim Molloy
Tim Molloy 6 dagar sedan
@Angels fan nah I mean we improved o line. And I was kinda thinking that but I don’t see how our defensive line is gonna flop since we got chandler back and you saw what he did
TheBarbahaba 6 dagar sedan
@Angels fan not with that defense ... jj watt and chandler on both side and hopkins gets to show off his skill immediately instead of having to adjust to a new team ... dude its not a question of collapsing but more of being in the toughest division with 3 other teams that are clearly in the top 10 of the power rank cardinals are a a top 10 team in my opinion
Angels fan
Angels fan 6 dagar sedan
As if we aren’t a 12-5 looking team on paper 🙄. Wouldn’t be surprised if the Cardinals collapse again like they did mast year.
All Wrestling Network
All Wrestling Network 6 dagar sedan
@Stich The Chargers did well
Stich 6 dagar sedan
Every time I see a power rankings with the chargers above the cardinals, it's a garbage list
#ricovelli365 #ripfoot
#ricovelli365 #ripfoot 6 dagar sedan
Dru Duns
Dru Duns 6 dagar sedan
Denver beats the Giants 🗑 +6 Raiders beat Top 5 team Ravens +5
Risinqftw 6 dagar sedan
Giants we’re said to have top 10 defense last year.. never know 🤷🏽‍♂️ but aye, NFL do be on some bull most of the times
T§icKK 6 dagar sedan
Baltimore should be much lower for sure.
Robert Vanek
Robert Vanek 6 dagar sedan
Is it just me or does the NFL ignore the Vikings? Like we're never in any commercials or even really talked about in these videos.
Em Sauce
Em Sauce 6 dagar sedan
Sounds right. Who are the vikings? Tried to call to see who they are but there was no rings.
Jacob Ervasti
Jacob Ervasti 6 dagar sedan
DoubleA2018 6 dagar sedan
Call Me Soul
Call Me Soul 6 dagar sedan
This ranking is pretty bad
Todd Irwin
Todd Irwin 6 dagar sedan
Fun sims
Fun sims 6 dagar sedan
stafford better qb as a lion but that performence was great
I'm in pain.
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