Matthew Stafford Best Passes in Rams debut | NFL 2021 Highlights

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Matthew Stafford throws for 321 yards and 3 touchdowns in his first game as a Ram. The Chicago Bears take on the Los Angeles Rams during Week 1 of the 2021 NFL season.

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Rjaylor 2 timmar sedan
I’m so happy he got out of Detroit. Well overdue.
Aqua 2 timmar sedan
I'm gonna miss watching him play for the lions but at least he looks way happier here
Jeff Rader
Jeff Rader 3 timmar sedan
It’s weird I’m watching this thinking of Derek carr finally getting a defense in Las Vegas it’s a beautiful thing to see them both gunslinging
Kristopher Longstreth
Kristopher Longstreth 3 timmar sedan
I wonder if Stafford is aware of all the Lion fans that have become Rams fans because of him
Ashton Hoye
Ashton Hoye Dag sedan
Can’t wait to see stafford get the recognition he deserves!
Deon'Ta Law
Deon'Ta Law Dag sedan
I BEEN KNEW Stafford can sling that pill !!!💪🏾 Caught myself rooting for the Rams Harder Than My Lions 🤣. #GoLions #GoRAMS #GoStafford I want Stafford To Get A Ring This Year !!
Valleyguy 2 dagar sedan
Way to create a new brand, L.A. Worst logo of all time; what the hell is that? Bad translucent light stadium. Trans-light just sucks; the worst/weakest rams uniforms ever. Didn't enjoy watching that game at all. Don't really care if they can play football, or not because I'm not from L.A. It's just a bad watch.
Sharp_3yE 2 dagar sedan
Stafford finally being on a competent coaching and front office team is wonderful for him. He's been a great talent and lions have just been incompetent. Stafford will have a good year
Hagen Kennedy
Hagen Kennedy 2 dagar sedan
Y’all tried to slander this man lol
BRUSCATO 3 dagar sedan
0:28 Matthew Stafford running like a Minecraft character
Santiago Lozano
Santiago Lozano 3 dagar sedan
The Rams are a most see team right now
ThaNinetys 3 dagar sedan
Stat Patford !
DwayneStorm 3 dagar sedan
The thing that really impresses me is that almost all of our offensive line is in the top 10 of PFF
Emily Uncry
Emily Uncry 3 dagar sedan
As someone who watches the Lions, it feels weird seeing Stafford have that much time to throw the Ball
Joey Dickerson
Joey Dickerson 3 dagar sedan
still scared MS is in our division going to be a problem, glad for him tho always been a fan of him.
Franco Barrera
Franco Barrera 4 dagar sedan
Good for Matt! Also, I'm glad they brought back the player intros!
EMK Bacon
EMK Bacon 4 dagar sedan
Man we miss Stanford here in Detroit, but he deserves to be on a solid team like the Rams. Hope you guys win a Super Bowl. We all know Goff and the lions aren’t gonna get it done let alone make the playoffs
J 4 dagar sedan
As a Lions fan I would like to point out that Stafford was never the problem.
Count dooku
Count dooku 4 dagar sedan
He was tired of getting cheated by packers
joshua batts
joshua batts 4 dagar sedan
I’ve never seen McVay smile as much since his first 2 years in the league
rhaegarbaguhin 4 dagar sedan
Every single Lions fan has nothing but good things to say about Stafford. All I see are people wishing him well and being happy for him. You love to see it. I love this game.
Jesse Martinez
Jesse Martinez 5 dagar sedan
Man, this makes me wonder what Calvin would have been like if he escaped. Matt looks so happy 😔
Kristopher Longstreth
Kristopher Longstreth 3 timmar sedan
Calvin probably would not have the most receiving yards in a season. Stafford had no choice but to feed Calvin if they wanted a chance at winning
Larry Leadman
Larry Leadman 5 dagar sedan
I think Stafford same old mat
Anthony Sullivan
Anthony Sullivan 5 dagar sedan
I remember when rams fans were mad that Goff got traded bro Stafford is so much better
The Sports Apex
The Sports Apex 5 dagar sedan
Superbowl bound
Alex 5 dagar sedan
Stafford is so underrated. I think he is going to be a killer on this team
John Monterosso
John Monterosso 5 dagar sedan
Finally, receivers that can catch
ImperiumFlow 5 dagar sedan
Finally people are seeing how good Stafford is. This man has been criminally underrated his entire career for reasons that aren’t his fault.
DanneyTee 5 dagar sedan
Elon Musk is doing well in Rams
Buncher Daniels
Buncher Daniels 6 dagar sedan
Biggest difference in Goff and Stafford…Confidence. Goff just seemed like he didn’t believe in himself the last couple years. I think he started feeling more and more pressure from the organization and just folded. Stafford is a different story. He has no fear.
Cakeboy Rich
Cakeboy Rich 6 dagar sedan
Put that catch animation on madden
Beckman Childs
Beckman Childs 6 dagar sedan
You know this QB is dialed in when he's making throws at the Exact moments his O line is receiving love in his highlights @ 0:40 lmao
Ernie is Gaming
Ernie is Gaming 6 dagar sedan
It's crazy to see Stafford with time to throw. Holy hell
SenseiDee 6 dagar sedan
I’m from MI I’m a huge Stafford fan I’m glad to be seeing him play this good and enjoying it he deserves a ring he’s to talented
Roy Phair
Roy Phair 6 dagar sedan
Bears coach for the sack this season or at the end of the season for sure
Anthony G.
Anthony G. 6 dagar sedan
This guy has definitely paid his dues as an NFL QB. Hope to see him succeed with the Rams. To think he doesn't have a single playoff victory is beyond me because he's immensely talented but the Detroit brass have constantly set him up for failure.
Colin S.
Colin S. 6 dagar sedan
As a Seahawks fan I of course hate seeing how good the NFC West is. It is cool seeing a happy Stafford. I’m glad we get to compete against one of the best.
Angel Wood
Angel Wood 6 dagar sedan
Now, suddenly it's all about the quarterback and not Ramsey and AD--wonder why?
Dan Nájera
Dan Nájera 6 dagar sedan
Rams defense needs to tighten up, especially against the run. Bears exposed them Sunday night, just like the Packers did in the playoffs. Offense is lookin good tho
Bryan Sanders
Bryan Sanders 6 dagar sedan
Look at Stanford go 🥺 so happy for him.
Edgar Casiano
Edgar Casiano 6 dagar sedan
This new guy Stafford is pretty good
Edrinnn Fuentes
Edrinnn Fuentes 6 dagar sedan
Dam stafford has such a nice spin on his throws it’s beautiful
Chad Black
Chad Black 6 dagar sedan
I think rams will be sleeper for sb Stafford has been a top qb foe years happy to see him shine
boRn_N_DA_80s 6 dagar sedan
Everybody eats.
George Ash
George Ash 6 dagar sedan
James End
James End 6 dagar sedan
I live in Grand Rapids and am I so happy to see stafford doing good
Keno Richardson
Keno Richardson 6 dagar sedan
Why they didn’t show bears touchdowns
Hankers22 6 dagar sedan
Im an LA Rams fan now lets goooo
William kabelman
William kabelman 6 dagar sedan
Goff is just as good as Stafford he did just as good as Stafford ever did in Detroit same caliber of player but since they lost to 49ers barely Which the 49ers are way better football team then the bears the lions have a better team then people give them credit for we will see how good Stafford is in December
Elijah Laffoon
Elijah Laffoon 6 dagar sedan
I am a hardcore Bears fan, 85 Bears still the best of all time, I have to give Stafford his due props. What an amazing debut performance.
Pierre-Richard Romain
Pierre-Richard Romain 6 dagar sedan
Matthew Stafford is finally on a team where he can showcase his talents. Keep on winning!!!
The Greatest Finesser
The Greatest Finesser 6 dagar sedan
Mvp Stafford loading
Brent Stack
Brent Stack 6 dagar sedan
Right on Stafford!
The True King DJ
The True King DJ 6 dagar sedan
It's about time this man has gotten to an good team so he can show the world what some of us already known yeah you have Pat and Aaron but guess what Matthew can do everything they can as well
RONALD KANGAS 6 dagar sedan
Stafford couldn't win in Detroit, had a loosing record in spit of being seeded against mostly inferior teams, and playing in a inferior division. Detroit still paid him like he was a champion. Won only 1 division title in 11 years and no playoff wins. Was once the highest paid player in the NFL. Every Detroit draft was either players to protect him or receivers to pass to. In Detroit everything was built around him and he still could not win. What he probably needed was some adversity to overcome, instead of everything being given him.
Good Citizen-RN
Good Citizen-RN 6 dagar sedan
As an LSU guy, I remember this guy slinging it in the SEC. And as a Saints guy, I really was wishing the saints would find a way to grab him. He reminds me a lot of Brees.
Jose Salas
Jose Salas 6 dagar sedan
As a packer fan, glad to see Stafford shine. Dude is tough as nails and always gave the packers a run for their money. GL on the new team!
C C 6 dagar sedan
Imagine if he’d been on a good team in his prime...
Kristopher Longstreth
Kristopher Longstreth 3 timmar sedan
I think he is still in his prime, the dude broke his back and continued playing. He is i think 32? so hes got a lot of good years ahead for him. Just got to keep him healthy
My name Jef
My name Jef 6 dagar sedan
Brings a tear to my eye seeing Stafford rolling out and having 5 yards of separation when throwing and not goof 😭
Geovanni Campos
Geovanni Campos 6 dagar sedan
Go bears
Luke 6 dagar sedan
Stafford about to lead us to the Super Bowl! 🏆
Frank Morreale
Frank Morreale 6 dagar sedan
As a Bears fan I am not surprised one bit at the half assed effort we put in
robnizzy 6 dagar sedan
Sad that he had to leave Detroit! But I’m so glad he did, now everyone will see how amazing he is as a QB! He is box office!
Peter Saiki
Peter Saiki 6 dagar sedan
Stanford dropping dimes to Kupp. Ref throws flag for being offsides…..oooops wrong sport…picks it up.
Official Flame
Official Flame 6 dagar sedan
Dk ec
Dk ec 6 dagar sedan
Watching him play on a better team really shows how good he is.
Carrion Ashes
Carrion Ashes 6 dagar sedan
I'm a die hard Lions fan but starting now I love both Rams and the Lions. Stafford has true grit and he is a very intelligent gunslinger.
Marcus Maratre
Marcus Maratre 6 dagar sedan
La Rams are true contenders & David Montgomery is no fun for any defense
DeAvonte Pope
DeAvonte Pope 6 dagar sedan
Justin fields had a great play
Kyle Martin
Kyle Martin 7 dagar sedan
He's a beast! I've always liked Stafford
Kevin Schroeder
Kevin Schroeder 7 dagar sedan
80 yards in the air almost he still got it 👀👀👀
2tone 21ll
2tone 21ll 7 dagar sedan
Im happy Stafford finally got outta Detroit. All he ever had was Megatron. Hopefully he'll get to the Superbowl because being on Detroit he's always been overlooked.
Caleb Rabion
Caleb Rabion 7 dagar sedan
Would have loved to have him in New Orleans.
Brandon Kellogg
Brandon Kellogg 7 dagar sedan
To think the Rams called Green Bay inquiring about Aaron Rodgers BEFORE landing Stafford. Tsk tsk
Brandon Kellogg
Brandon Kellogg 7 dagar sedan
It is so weird to see Matthew Stafford have more than one reliable target who can not only catch the ball, but can ran. Good for him.
Brandon Kellogg
Brandon Kellogg 7 dagar sedan
All Lions fans know that Stafford is the modern day Archie Manning. Great player on a garbage team. Or with a solid offense and a garbage defense, 2014 for example. It's about time he's on a team where he can shine.
Josh Jones
Josh Jones 7 dagar sedan
I've watched Stafford every play since he's been in the league. Always admired his attitude toughness a class act and a heart of a champion. Hopefully he becomes a true champion soon. He deserves it and has a real shot in LA.
kijon0104104 7 dagar sedan
Wait till Aaron Rodgers gets this
Jazz Man
Jazz Man 7 dagar sedan
We Detroit fans love Matt Stafford, we hated to see him exit the building, I personally hope he gets that trophy that cat deserves better.
sheamus 7 dagar sedan
I'm liking these new lions jerseys
Hishighholiness 7 dagar sedan
No Filter A Nintendo Podcast
No Filter A Nintendo Podcast 7 dagar sedan
As a gb fan. Rams are my backup team purely because I want to see Stafford do well
TheTruth1126 7 dagar sedan
happy for him
Johntay Holloman
Johntay Holloman 7 dagar sedan
They done messed up and gave Matthew Stanford offensive weapons and a defense 🙄
KB24D 7 dagar sedan
Been saying for years that this is a Super Bowl arm. Thank god he escaped Detroit!
Iyzlo Kenobi
Iyzlo Kenobi 7 dagar sedan
This team has good chemistry
AC Werling
AC Werling 7 dagar sedan
Did the Bears run any offensive plays
mr Q
mr Q 7 dagar sedan
So I'm assuming Rams fans wasn't sad to see Goff go?
EqualsThreeable 7 dagar sedan
Much love from Detroit, go get em man!
Mr Green19
Mr Green19 7 dagar sedan
Good for Stanford he’s suffered enough
VAN DANG 7 dagar sedan
Not a lions fan at all! Just been loving Stafford because he's a UGA Bulldog... I'm so happy that he's now at an organization that knows how to win! He ensured a decade that toxic franchise and never complained... I'm not even a Ram's fan but I hope he gets a ring this year, the football God owes him that much...
Josue Aguilar
Josue Aguilar 7 dagar sedan
He had a philip rivers type game nice
cat Chaser
cat Chaser 7 dagar sedan
Matthew Stafford ?? From Detroit >?? For Years he was a Door Mat For My Green Bay Packers ! Unreal.
Carey Waldie
Carey Waldie 7 dagar sedan
I'm not used to seeing Stafford hand the ball off with a fourth quarter lead!
TheMusicJunkie22 7 dagar sedan
We in it baby!!!! In it to win it all!!! 🤘
M. Canida
M. Canida 7 dagar sedan
I am a true blue die hard Lions fan, BUT nothing makes me happier to see Matt Stafford flourish on a team that supports him and wants to win !! I am soo happy for Matt. He has always been such a great quarterback with unbelievable stats and now he gets to shine in LA. He did great things for the city of Detroit supporting the youth football and donating his time and money to help those kids out. He will be missed. But I wish him nothing but the best with his new team and hope he gets a Super Bowl ring on his finger with the Rams !!
Genny Gang
Genny Gang 7 dagar sedan
Another lions fan here. Matthew is an amazing man with a great wife Kelly and I hope he wins a Superbowl with the rams. I'm rooting for him and LA. Let's go Matthew!
pacersnrams781 7 dagar sedan
The Rams receiving core will from here on out will be known as YAC Town
Kenneth Lowe
Kenneth Lowe 7 dagar sedan
Matthew Stafford makes the deep ball look easy compared to Jared Goff.
Rudy Finney
Rudy Finney 7 dagar sedan
As a former lions fan and new Rams fan. I'm super stoked Stafford is finally on a team that won't hold him back!!! Great game! Looking forward to seeing many more
Rudy Finney
Rudy Finney 7 dagar sedan
@DanTheRamFan, thank you. Greatly appreciated.
DanTheRamFan 7 dagar sedan
Welcome to the RAMILY
kipaji 7 dagar sedan
MVP=Matt Stafford!
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