Best of Peyton vs. Eli Manning Trash Talk from Monday Night Football | Week 1

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Watch Eli vs. Peyton Manning trash talk from the "Monday Night Football" broadcast where the Baltimore Ravens took on the Las Vegas Raiders.

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Captain Knowsitall
Captain Knowsitall 39 minuter sedan
I can’t get enough of Peyton and Eli
Ryan 5 timmar sedan
I can just imagine all of the manning family get togethers are just giant roasting sessions.
Jimmy Ernst
Jimmy Ernst 5 timmar sedan
This is great lol
Eli got that savage little bro mentality 😂
Vincent Leone
Vincent Leone Dag sedan
Are we all gonna just ignore the fact that Peyton remembered word for word all that gibberish to start the video?
CAS Dag sedan
Eli won
Peter Rodriguez
Peter Rodriguez Dag sedan
Pure gold. I hope it takes off.
Flip Rodriguez
Flip Rodriguez 2 dagar sedan
I love how eli is holding back on the superbowl wins
Rikki R
Rikki R 2 dagar sedan
They should start a pod cast lol
smittyhurst 2 dagar sedan
1:30 i dont think ray understood the question
William Stuart
William Stuart 2 dagar sedan
Eli is vicious: "Shocking! Shocking! That a helmet doesn't fit you!
Darkwitness X
Darkwitness X 2 dagar sedan
Ah yes, the MST3K approach. Take a crappy show and try to make it better by commentary. They should just go full mstk3k and do retro games, because I have zero interest in current year football.
Jon Bennett
Jon Bennett 3 dagar sedan
Who’s behind you …hahah this is great
Jiezhang Jzmobee
Jiezhang Jzmobee 3 dagar sedan
This is what it's like at the Manning house every day. Now imagine that.
Nicholas Oakley
Nicholas Oakley 3 dagar sedan
“I declined a personal foul one time” lmao
L H 3 dagar sedan
This is my new favorite way to watch football. Definitely won’t miss a single episode. Their insight, jokes, humor, knowledge and experience makes it so fun to watch. It definitely beats hearing BS analytics and commentators throwing out useless stats and irrelevant former players (Chris Collinsworth, Romo, Simms and Boomer) putting their two cents in.
Yus De Grano
Yus De Grano 3 dagar sedan
I miss Ray Lewis
M C 3 dagar sedan
They should get Cooper on broadcasts.
That Guy Man
That Guy Man 3 dagar sedan
“I declined a Personal foul one time”
real oj 32
real oj 32 3 dagar sedan
ray lewis would rather have 10,000 quarters than 10,000 dollars
Da Chief
Da Chief 3 dagar sedan
Ray Lewis chose 10,000 quarters, not very smart eh
Cinthya Salas
Cinthya Salas 4 dagar sedan
Galactic Goo
Galactic Goo 4 dagar sedan
Hey at least I was rooting for you during your superbowl - Peyton
Dj Boogieboy
Dj Boogieboy 4 dagar sedan
Flancken 4 dagar sedan
This is probably my favorite espn show ever.
Jordan Mellott
Jordan Mellott 4 dagar sedan
Wow I did not expect Eli to be so good at roasting his brother
Jesse Lund
Jesse Lund 4 dagar sedan
The Mannings' are everything the Watts' want to be....
Pamela Yardley
Pamela Yardley 4 dagar sedan
Lonnie Tucker
Lonnie Tucker 4 dagar sedan
1:38 "You know what? Gimme the 10,000 quarters" #concussionprotocol
Bernie Lomax
Bernie Lomax 4 dagar sedan
Below average whyte humor 🤷‍♂️
Aaron Brown
Aaron Brown 4 dagar sedan
MNF Mannings is the best content ESPN has produced since Peyton was born
The Real
The Real 4 dagar sedan
😂😂😂 White people
Rangecontrol 4 dagar sedan
I love how Eli is just happy to be there. That was him his entire career. Eli "Just happy to be here" Manning.
Ellie Simmons
Ellie Simmons Dag sedan
Unless it was with the chargers
Peter D
Peter D 4 dagar sedan
It was awful….not funny…but white people are losing their minds….never underestimate Murica
Dimas Lespier
Dimas Lespier 4 dagar sedan
This is the best show on tv. Period funny informative just the best
Music Industry Drama
Music Industry Drama 4 dagar sedan
Eli Manning was the only qb to take away Brady 2 super bowl rings.
Jose Ramirez
Jose Ramirez 5 dagar sedan
Peyton easily repeated that play word for word wow
B.J. Banditt
B.J. Banditt 5 dagar sedan
Eli Manning MUMBLES 2 much. Hence; y I dub him as "Mumbly".
Gentlemen's Cage
Gentlemen's Cage 5 dagar sedan
Eli roasted Peyton all night 😂
Hesham Aldhahiry
Hesham Aldhahiry 5 dagar sedan
"Alright dad, glad you're chiming in along with the guy that couldn't spell prescription" 😭
BlackstarFL 5 dagar sedan
Best Monday Night show I've ever watched......wonderful concept
Ryan Marshall
Ryan Marshall 5 dagar sedan
Ray was sitting there thinking he should’ve been calling Eli for good insults against Peyton during their playing days.
Herjuno Rah Nindhito
Herjuno Rah Nindhito 5 dagar sedan
This is already amazing, but imagine adding Brady there. The endless trash talk with insane knowledge would be the best football show ever!
Ceddygwap 5 dagar sedan
I never knew Eli was this funny that Boy can roast 😂
Jesse Rodriguez JR.
Jesse Rodriguez JR. 5 dagar sedan
Eli be roasting peyton I thought if be the other way around😁 good stuff
possibility28able 5 dagar sedan
This is the best thing to happen to football in a long time!
Troll In the Dungeon
Troll In the Dungeon 5 dagar sedan
He said he declined a personal foul once. Lol
Joe P
Joe P 5 dagar sedan
Eli: Do you want Peyton's helmet full of quarters or $10,000? Ray: Give me 10,000 quarters. Ray's middle school math teacher: Really?
David Harrison
David Harrison 5 dagar sedan
peyton looks like "the mekon" in that helmet!!!
ExopMan 5 dagar sedan
7th grade 40 time lol
ChefBoyThirdy 5 dagar sedan
I told coach the speed helmet don’t fit
William Stinson
William Stinson 5 dagar sedan
Most annoying thing I've ever tried to watch, ruined the game!!!!
Sebastian Murphy
Sebastian Murphy 5 dagar sedan
OTC 5 dagar sedan
Peyton would be a Great offensive coordinator or Head Coach.
OTC 5 dagar sedan
Are they doing this every Monday night game? I really enjoyed them doing this pretty cool👍
Dan Nguyen
Dan Nguyen 5 dagar sedan
lol the archie manning text killed me lmao
F4TaLxHeart- 5 dagar sedan
We want Snoop dogg on this!!!!!!!
Matt K
Matt K 5 dagar sedan
“Give me 10000 quarters” LMAO
David Stutz
David Stutz 5 dagar sedan
Yes please
Wolverine 5 dagar sedan
When mom and dad chimed in 😂😂😂😂
Re Pure
Re Pure 5 dagar sedan
I love this... total feel good
J Michael Ewan
J Michael Ewan 6 dagar sedan
The thing that makes it all work is their lack of egos and their ability to laugh at themselves
Teyae T
Teyae T 6 dagar sedan
🙏🙏Blessings forever GOD loves y'all too forever tell everyone you know and don't know. Jesus loves y'all too forever. Teach everyone how to see and enjoy their blessings too forever..
TINO 6 dagar sedan
Lol I declined a personal foul one time
Joe Cwiklinski
Joe Cwiklinski 6 dagar sedan
Love it!! Need more!!!
Mr.JAllen 6 dagar sedan
This is just stupid.
FILLY PHAN 6 dagar sedan
Eli with a microphone is like the funny best man at the wedding. I hated dude as a player but man hes funny
samurai x
samurai x 6 dagar sedan
The Show is awesome!
landscaping best fast
landscaping best fast 6 dagar sedan
I have four brothers i can relate.
landscaping best fast
landscaping best fast 6 dagar sedan
I love this ! Makes my day!!
Hippyllamas 6 dagar sedan
This is amazing!!!!
But That's Not Important
But That's Not Important 6 dagar sedan
"Ray... Would you rather have $10,000 or $2500 in quarters." GIMME THE QUARTERS!
William Alexander
William Alexander 6 dagar sedan
I miss Eli but thanks for your Beating Tom Brady in the Super Bowl twice😎💪🔥🐐
Manny Mota
Manny Mota 6 dagar sedan
Better than the MNF broadcast booth
John k
John k 6 dagar sedan
how do you not love these guys? fan or no fan they are awesome
viking raider
viking raider 6 dagar sedan
Even tho I not a Fan of Eli and peytons old teams I still love these guys this is a great segment
Stanley Read
Stanley Read 6 dagar sedan
I'm just imagining Olivia Manning trying to corral all of this crazy when Cooper, Peyton and Eli were kids.
Troy Staley
Troy Staley 6 dagar sedan
Haha love this! As a Vol fan and a Giant fan, these are my favorite QBs!!
Fun sims
Fun sims 6 dagar sedan
is peyton and eli gonna be in the game next week
Gator Mclusky
Gator Mclusky 6 dagar sedan
Watching these two shows the complex world Pro Ball is...The insight
CreatePace 6 dagar sedan
The Lost Generation of NFL QBs
Ethan Davis
Ethan Davis 6 dagar sedan
this broadcast was awesome. i’m def watching them every monday now
Taco Daddy
Taco Daddy 6 dagar sedan
Eli burning that guy
pianoman9421 6 dagar sedan
Eli throwing almost as many barbs as he threw interceptions...
timothy thayer
timothy thayer 6 dagar sedan
They sucked ass
God’s Spiritual Poet
God’s Spiritual Poet 6 dagar sedan
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Niq Niq
Niq Niq 6 dagar sedan
Peyton manning my favorite !! 🐐🐐🐐
Peseti Tukutau
Peseti Tukutau 6 dagar sedan
They should host every Monday night game Monday with the Manning’s
D.b David b
D.b David b 6 dagar sedan
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Lockie Kyle
Lockie Kyle 6 dagar sedan
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Cormac Finlay
Cormac Finlay 6 dagar sedan
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Fergus Douglas
Fergus Douglas 6 dagar sedan
He's really amazing with an amazing skills, he changed my 0.4btc to 2.8btc.
Nicole Carla
Nicole Carla 6 dagar sedan
@Luna Miranda Yeah he has been managing my trade for months and I make profit every week
Luna Miranda
Luna Miranda 6 dagar sedan
Hello everyone, I just got Elliot's info, is he that good?
Shun Dunn
Shun Dunn 6 dagar sedan
U would actually think that these guys are brothers
Chickengenius420 6 dagar sedan
They should hire Cooper for MNF
LLP Tc 6 dagar sedan
Eli said the play once and Peyton said it first try ,tf
Anthony Harrissr
Anthony Harrissr 6 dagar sedan
I really like Peyton Manning and Eli! That was garbage! I really didn't want to hear from Charles Barkley!!
G W 6 dagar sedan
I watched them the entire game. This needs to stay.🔥
jason kinney
jason kinney 6 dagar sedan
I would watch it every week. It was actually fun, funny, and educational but not in a Maddon and his pencil way. Watching Payten at the end getting nervous rooting for each offense was pretty cool too. ESPN might actually have something here if they don't screw it up
Jonathan L
Jonathan L 6 dagar sedan
And just like that they got a new duo for calling games
T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me
T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me 6 dagar sedan
They should’ve add the clip when they were talking about Eli’s 0.0 QBR 😂
Maria Sweety Hotgirl - Vlogs
Maria Sweety Hotgirl - Vlogs 6 dagar sedan
Eli really torched Peyton throughout the entire broadcast 😂 “spray pam on your forehead” “oh a helmet doesn’t fit you what a surprise” 😭
Kia- T{αα}P Me!! To F.C.K W!th Me
Kia- T{αα}P Me!! To F.C.K W!th Me 6 dagar sedan
Said that man needs a double XL helmet 😂. That Helmet was holding on for dear life 😅.
- [L A Y L A]- Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW
- [L A Y L A]- Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW 6 dagar sedan
Said that man needs a double XL helmet 😂. That Helmet was holding on for dear life 😅.
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