Yuri Rivera
Yuri Rivera 11 timmar sedan
I 50 times
Eric Wang
Eric Wang 11 timmar sedan
Go home JJ go packers
Ángel Colín
Ángel Colín 11 timmar sedan
Watching his highlights he is so much like Russell Wilson
Oliver Pavard
Oliver Pavard 11 timmar sedan
The best
Ry Guy92
Ry Guy92 11 timmar sedan
He says “I’m still on my feet!”
Ryan Reed
Ryan Reed 11 timmar sedan
This seems like a great game. Might try to find a full version.
sebas sebas
sebas sebas 11 timmar sedan
The unkempt control kelly miss because plasterboard operationally queue circa a feeble feigned cereal. defeated, towering walk
Giovanny Gallardo
Giovanny Gallardo 11 timmar sedan
No way you get rid of Darnold
BBN Network
BBN Network 11 timmar sedan
Nothing feels as good when your hometown drafts you
Hannah Cané
Hannah Cané 11 timmar sedan
Still iconic
Swerve 11 timmar sedan
Swerve 11 timmar sedan
Plus Matt wants to play till he’s 40 and he hasn’t slowed down yet. Tired of this.
LogoAttitude 11 timmar sedan
It has never snowed on a football game in South Florida at any level - high school, college, or NFL. I would love for this to happen.
Jose Morfin
Jose Morfin 12 timmar sedan
Yuuup 7/10 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆
Ivanna Jaime ViRoque
Ivanna Jaime ViRoque 12 timmar sedan
michael vallejo11
michael vallejo11 12 timmar sedan
Lamar should be a running back
Stefan Trifunovic
Stefan Trifunovic 12 timmar sedan
Man and people said something about The Weeknd’s vocals on his performance. I literally can’t hear this guy and his vocals are ass
AngelGabriel Peralta
AngelGabriel Peralta 12 timmar sedan
Touch Down
L.L. Craft
L.L. Craft 12 timmar sedan
Skip Bayless wants to kiss Brady the way Giselle does.
Fiorela Alejandra
Fiorela Alejandra 12 timmar sedan
Patrick mahomes is better than Aaron rogers. this should be a debate. Tom Brady is beyond the world
Dominick Biafore
Dominick Biafore 12 timmar sedan
i lov the weeknd
Pule Mothobi
Pule Mothobi 12 timmar sedan
If this guy could dance😭😭🔥
jellemig08 12 timmar sedan
admit it, its not your first time your watching this. And if it is, then its defo not your last time
Joe Flores
Joe Flores 12 timmar sedan
Why weren't they announcers talking in the outage
El Guero
El Guero 12 timmar sedan
Titans 🔥🔥 and colts got cheated in the bills game, those timeouts were disgusting
tony dancz
tony dancz 12 timmar sedan
What’s the ring look like?
Alex 12 timmar sedan
Mayweather just chillin with his gold jacket lol 3:17
Joshua Sielatshom
Joshua Sielatshom 12 timmar sedan
ravens for life man browns get out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fighter Cage
Fighter Cage 12 timmar sedan
josh allen
Sonic The Hedgehog
Sonic The Hedgehog 12 timmar sedan
Well that was a defeat for the Chiefs
Curtis Stover
Curtis Stover 12 timmar sedan
I said at work one day Jerry Rice don't make Great Catches!!! But once he catches the ball it's over!!! I stand behind that!!!
Mike Burke
Mike Burke 12 timmar sedan
Coldplay the venue is just to big for an average band.
Coffee and Me
Coffee and Me 12 timmar sedan
4:00 roller coaster ride
Christian Garner
Christian Garner 12 timmar sedan
Fitz pass should be number one
Ash 12 timmar sedan
Imagine how confusing the rehearsals for the backup dancers would've been
GoodTendo 12 timmar sedan
Rabbidbowl 3V3 Playoffs 2016 : Finales de Conférence : (Ouest) Water Skys de Rabbid Blues Vs Hakas de Rabbid Gangs (Est) Les Heroics remplacé par les Bwah Electros Heroics de Rabbidhibernatus City Vs Robots de Mad Rabbid City
GoodTendo 12 timmar sedan
Résultats : (Conférence Ouest) Water Skys 0-6 Hakas (Conférence Est) Heroics 0-8 Robots
Luke Barberg
Luke Barberg 12 timmar sedan
Josh Allen is the GOAT
Play Dead
Play Dead 12 timmar sedan
The amount of delusional Eagles fans warms my soul
Ash 12 timmar sedan
bwwwv zj
bwwwv zj 12 timmar sedan
The BEST!!!!!!!!!
Jacob Pittenger
Jacob Pittenger 12 timmar sedan
Nobody deserved coach of the year over Stefanski
bradley617 12 timmar sedan
Didn’t somebody D$&; fall out during the 40
Larry Blewitt
Larry Blewitt 12 timmar sedan
Wow. This was embarrassing. Bruno Mars and his band a few years ago was the best ever. They could not even get real trumpet players. The guy who pressed play on the CD player was amazing! And of course what’s a quality show without a pole dance?
Larry Blewitt
Larry Blewitt 12 timmar sedan
If the best you have to offer as a musician is a huge ego and your ass... well. No they did not just sing Bruce Springsteen...
Maura Rhaine
Maura Rhaine 12 timmar sedan
Xant believe they xome baxk tho😂
Lee Illman
Lee Illman 12 timmar sedan
Gronk is a completely different beast
Muhammed Ozmen
Muhammed Ozmen 12 timmar sedan
Ulan 300 kere izledim yine de bıkmadım
Zyion Street
Zyion Street 12 timmar sedan
Repent from your sins spread the Gospel and read the Bible also trust in Jesus and build a relationship with him
AJ 12 timmar sedan
Deandre Hop"kings"
Young Among
Young Among 12 timmar sedan
Combine heros never really pan out
Damien Daly
Damien Daly 12 timmar sedan
omg god created the perfect woman
Don Comedias
Don Comedias 12 timmar sedan
Wow, 5 years ago...
Caleb McMillan
Caleb McMillan 12 timmar sedan
I have watched this probably 10 times everyday
Chris Helms
Chris Helms 12 timmar sedan
Hard to believe my cowboys even made this video🤦
Jesse Lopez
Jesse Lopez 12 timmar sedan
I like the weekend Súper bowl 55 👌👍🏻
Fanta 13 timmar sedan
Top 100 Catches of the 2020 Season! (Part 2)*
Chris Yentastic
Chris Yentastic 13 timmar sedan
I hope this isn’t a one game wonder and he becomes a staple in the league
Junior 13 timmar sedan
6:59 when you hire Eminem as commentator for the Super Bowl
Kevin Sandstrom
Kevin Sandstrom 13 timmar sedan
Joseph Velasquez
Joseph Velasquez 13 timmar sedan
I love the way Mr. White make the motivation speech for the team and how the BK team said at the same time "CHAMPIONS"
Kevin Blake
Kevin Blake 13 timmar sedan
SEE IT'S the REF's!!!! The reffs did not draft some decent backups for the KC line to play when their starters get injured - GAME WAS RIGGED!!!!!!!!!!
Vicki Bryan
Vicki Bryan 13 timmar sedan
This made me proud to be a Canadian:) But I would like to add, Still waiting on the day Taylor Swift would do a halftime show..
Laura Barnes
Laura Barnes 13 timmar sedan
I'm a panthers fan, people are STILL GOING OFF about how it was rigged, staged, broncos cheated and the coaches were in on it, just shut up, its been like 5 years it's over so stop complaining so much, I was mad too and there's people literally MAKING FAKE VIDEO PROOF TO PROVE THE BRONCOS CHEATED, just stop!
Alex Goins
Alex Goins 13 timmar sedan
One of the best halftime performances we have seen in a long time.
Roy Sierra
Roy Sierra 13 timmar sedan
Mike Glennon
Curt 13 timmar sedan
Kevin Blake
Kevin Blake 13 timmar sedan
SEE IT'S the REF's!!!! The reffs did not draft some decent backups for the KC line to play when their starters get injured - GAME WAS RIGGED!!!!!!!!!!
Donovan Shanley
Donovan Shanley 13 timmar sedan
tis was the most painful loss i've ever witnessed as a Steeler fan
gregg •ッ
gregg •ッ 13 timmar sedan
i think dolphins n raiders was the best game
Luar Pro
Luar Pro 13 timmar sedan
Eric Snow
Eric Snow 13 timmar sedan
4:37 is when I am singing to my crush
BillyMelte Meltebrink
BillyMelte Meltebrink 13 timmar sedan
Insane! 🏈👍🏼
Jay Pestana
Jay Pestana 13 timmar sedan
ur lucky he was hurt or it woulda been every week
The New New England Patriots
The New New England Patriots 13 timmar sedan
UppyMcDowny -
UppyMcDowny - 13 timmar sedan
Actually curious how much covid threw a wrench into his season. Obviously he's not the player he once was, but I remember him playing pretty damn well at the beginning of the season. Then after he missed the KC game with covid he came back and he was just bad.
Joseph Sanchez
Joseph Sanchez 13 timmar sedan
Not one touchdown against eagles i love it
Andrew Bondurant
Andrew Bondurant 13 timmar sedan
Half a second slower than brady
The Gronk 8789
The Gronk 8789 13 timmar sedan
Who needs legs with an arm like his
KapN MorgaN
KapN MorgaN 13 timmar sedan
how did it go so wrong 😔
Brian Chowaniec
Brian Chowaniec 13 timmar sedan
Desmond Dorsey
Desmond Dorsey 13 timmar sedan
We beat the Raiders
Jah 13 timmar sedan
He never said anything like this about Mcnabb